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What Is It Like To Be Intuitive?

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked (especially after someone experiences one of my intuitive readings) is “what is it like to be intuitive?” More specifically, people usually want to know what it’s like for me when I receive intuitive information – how I get and experienced it.

I receive intuitive impressions in a variety of ways and each of them feels a little bit different. The majority of what I get comes through what is called clairvoyant (seeing), clairaudient (hearing), claircognizant (‘knowing’) and clairsentient (feeling- both emotions and sensations) impressions. On occasion I will also receive information through my sense of taste or smell, too.

Intuitive Seeing: Clairvoyance

When I “see” something (clairvoyance) – it’s in my mind’s eye.  It’s not like I’m seeing something located physically outside of me.  It is similar to the way you would ‘see’ if I asked you to recall what the home you grew up in looked like, or to picture a blonde woman in a blue dress, or to think of an elephant. I just know that’s what I’m seeing an image of, though not all of the details are there.

Intuitive vision has a slightly different texture for me than a memory or something I create myself in my imagination, but it’s a very close experience.  In fact, it’s so close that I sometimes have to ask myself “did I just make that up or is this something intuitive?” (This is especially true when it’s related to my own life).

In a reading, I often see an image of one thing to reference to a bigger idea (though on some occasions I do see more details), though I’ll also see a few images back to back or located next to each other a lot of the time.  I may see an image of a saddle to reference someone loving horseback riding, or an image of a baby in a pink blanket to indicate someone will have a daughter.  I may see an image of blonde hair (only the hair) or blue eyes (only the eyes) to reference physical features of a specific person. Career information usually comes with different images related to ladders (the idea of ‘climbing the ladder’).  Apples almost always reference education in some capacity.

In my personal life sometimes I’ll see a flash of an image of something before it happens – or as a warning to change courses. I laugh when I go to get dressed in the morning planning to wear one thing, and I’ll suddenly see a flash of clothing totally different than what I was planning to wear. I’ve learned to always put on the item that flashed in my head because inevitably it’s what I need to be wearing for some reason later that day.  I also get flashes of images to tell me where something I’ve lost is, or may see the logo of a store I can go to to find something I want to buy.

Occasionally I’ll see something with more details, almost like a faint movie or 360 degree panorama playing in my mind with more information about the big picture.  Several world events that I’ve picked up on have come through this way.

Intuitive Hearing: Clairaudience

“Hearing” (clairaudience) is also internal, and it comes to me in my own internal voice. (No – I don’t hear other people’s voices in my head!). Think about what it’s like if you read a book silently and ‘hear’ it in your mind- or rehearse a conversation in your mind before you talk to someone. That’s what it’s like when I receive something via ‘sound’. But again, like clairvoyant visual impressions, clairaudience feels a little bit different than a normal thought. I refer to it as having a different texture than my own thinking does. (Though again, it’s close enough that I have to be very cognizant to making sure I am not reading my own ordinary personal thoughts as intuitive ones).

Sometimes the words or phrases that come through via my clairaudience are not words I would typically personally use. Occasionally I’ve even had to look them up to know what they have meant (usually these have been religious words I was not familiar enough with, related to a specific religion; a couple of times they’ve been names of places).  Sometimes my clairaudience isn’t just words- every now and then it comes in the form of songs or other sounds like hearing birds chirping or pans clanging.

If I pick up this way in my personal life or about world events, what I’m hearing/thinking is often completely out of context to anything happening around me (especially with world events!).  For example, one day last August I was at lunch with my dad in the middle of a business conversation I suddenly heard the words “Paul Manafort is being arrested. Telephone bug! Telephone bug!” (I also then saw an image of a bug crawling on a phone – we’ll get to how these things work together in a minute).  I had to stop and ask my dad if a “telephone bug” is the same thing as a tap– I would personally call it a phone tap or wiretap.  (Manafort was in fact arrested two months later, and there had been a wiretap – news that came out a full month after I picked up on this out of the blue).

Intuitive Knowing: Claircognizance

Intuitive ‘Knowing’ is harder to explain-  there isn’t too much to compare it to. Sometimes I just suddenly understand and know things without a specific sense attached.  Kind of like you just know you need air to breathe… this info is just… there.

Intuitive Feeling: Clairsentience

My intuitive ‘feelings’ can be emotions or physical sensations, but in either case I can tell it is not my own.  (This hasn’t always been true, especially with emotions. I have had to learn how to differentiate my own emotions from those of others. It takes a significant amount of self-awareness!).

These kinds of feelings can come through two different ways:

Sometimes I’ll just feel physically gross about an idea, or a potential path or a person or a relationship – or on the flip side, peaceful and warm and serene. These ‘gut feelings’ (though they aren’t always in my actual gut) act as guidance of “good” or “bad” or the likely emotional outcome attached to moving in a specific direction.

I sometimes feel strong emotions related to world events (or my own life) before they happen. (I love it when it’s a happy feeling – and don’t like this part of the gift so much it when it’s the massive anxiety or grief I get before major tragedies).

I’ll also feel emotions that show me either what someone is feeling right now, or how they are feeling in general about a specific situation. If I’m in a reading and the message coming through is about a situation that someone is extremely anxious about, I may experience anxiety in my own body to convey this message.  If they will be extremely excited about something I’m explaining that is coming, I may get a feeling of excitement.

Sometimes in every day life I’ll have to walk away from an area if a stranger is feeling intense negative emotions that I’m picking up on and I’m tired. When my own energy is high I can boundary to stop feeling it – when I’m tired all bets are off!

When someone who passed away comes through in a reading sometimes they will have me experience emotions they experienced in life, as part of a specific message they are trying to convey, also.  For example, in two situations in which the person passed away from suicide, part of their message involved giving me intense feelings of depression and anxiety to try and explain how they felt when they made their decision. I have also had those who have passed away give me an experience of overwhelmingly beautiful feeling of peace to show me they are ‘at peace’ now.

I may also perceive a masculine or feminine ‘feeling’ to reference gender.

And sometimes I’ll physically feel a sensation in a different parts of my body to indicate physical pain or problems. (My low back may ache to indicate a low back problem, ear may hurt to indicate an ear problem, etc).

Intuitive Smell & Intuitive Taste:

I do not experience intuitive smell or taste very often (I think I can only remember a couple of times with taste, and only a few more with smell).  With these two senses it is MUCH harder for me to tell it is intuitive versus actually in my physical environment.  I’ve had a few times when I’ve suddenly smelled something very strange and distinct, and when I ask others “do you smell that?” they had no idea what I was talking about.  Inevitably when it’s happened within a few days that distinctive smell appeared in my life in a significant way.

The one exception is in readings – in a reading session I can tell when something is an intuitive aroma.  That usually comes through as smelling something like a perfume fragrance or a specific type of food or the scent of flowers.

Putting It All Together

Sometimes I’ll get a stand-alone: a single image or word or phrase or feeling. But usually when I receive information in a reading or have a detailed premonition it uses more than one (or even many) of these senses together, and my brain quickly processes to translate the message.

I may see an elephant + hear “tattoo” + feel a feminine energy and a rush of romantic love + know ‘this is a very positive relationship for you ’ + hear “stop questioning” when doing a reading. This would translate to “There is a relationship with a woman with an elephant tattoo and it is a very positive relationship for you. It seems like you’re questioning it, but you don’t need to be.”

Or I may receive something more symbolic like an image of a plate overflowing with papers + hear “work” +  an image of someone drowning + a feeling of anxiety + knowing this is about an overwhelming sense. This is “you’ve got so much on your plate at work it’s making you feel like anxious and like you’re drowning.”

I may hear the name “David” while I see the letter “D” and just ‘know’ it’s an uncle, followed by an image of a phone and hearing the word “call.”  This would translate to: “You need to call your Uncle David.”

Often I will also get both an image and words that match at almost the exact same time. Sometimes I think this is me explaining the image to myself, but most of the time I think it’s so that I definitely get the message right. This will come through with something like seeing an image of a baseball cap, while hearing the words “baseball cap.”

One More Thing That Makes It Tricky

Sometimes what I pick up is a literal reference and sometimes it is symbolic – and sometimes it can be confusing to figure out which it is! I’ve been in readings trying to figure out “how on earth am I supposed to interpret an image of ballerina dancer music box?!” and it turned out that the message was actually about a ballerina dancer music box (the person I was reading knew exactly what I was talking about when I told her – even though I didn’t have a clue why I was seeing the image).

I once saw an image of a hot air balloon crashing (out of the blue, not in a reading) and was trying to figure out the meaning for a few days until there was a major hot air balloon crash all over the news.

On the flip side, it took me a while to learn that an apple usually refers to teaching or education (not a literal apple), and that a playground usually refers to “play” or fun in someone’s life.

No two readings (or situations I have had premonitions about, or my own personal life guidance) are the same, but you asked “what is it like to be intuitive?” — In general this is how I usually experience it!

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