Why we should all burn SAGE right now, and how to do it

Why We Should All Burn Sage Right Now (and How to Do It)

The world has (rightly) gone a bit crazy preparing for protection from coronavirus. I’m right there with everyone else. A few weeks ago I stocked up on non-perishable foods (you should see how much chocolate and canned beans I have in my apartment!), household supplies (yes, I bought a big package of toilet paper, sorry, but I’m really not sorry), hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, and sage to get me through whatever is coming next.

Now you may be wondering about the last item on that list. Sage? Why on earth…and what does SAGE have to do with anything else? Shouldn’t we be focusing on how to make homemade hand sanitizer instead?! (The answer to that is we all need hand sanitizer, too. But not instead!).


I’m always slightly obsessed with making sure my apartment has good vibes. When you’re an intuitive and empath and can feel energy so deeply like I do, it’s vital. But keeping the energy in your home and personal spaces clear is really good for everybody! We’re all significantly more sensitive to energy than we realize and they can really effect our emotions, mental health, and the function of our minds.

With all of the anxiety and stress around coronavirus and the financial markets and economy right now, keeping the energy in our space clear is becoming even more vital than ever.

The stress vibes are EVERYWHERE right now. When you have an emotional reaction – say to opening your IRA and seeing the balance, or watching the news, or hearing a friend has come down with something and you don’t know if it’s coronavirus, a cold, or the flu – it leaves behind an energetic residue that may continue to effect you. Even if you’re not that stressed yourself, when you go out, you may also pick up that energetic residue off of other people and bring it home with you.

There’s a good chance we’re all going to be spending a lot of time at home in the coming weeks (whether it comes to an actual quarantine or it’s self imposed social distancing) so it’s super important to keep the energy in our personal spaces clear right now. It may not be as important as hand washing, not touching your face, or social distancing, but it could be huge for your emotional state, personal energy, and strength to get through this highly chaotic and emotional time.

As an added bonus, science says sage has antimicrobial and antibacterial powers. Studies have shown it can even remove up to an incredible 94% of bacteria from the air! So the benefits of burning sage are more than just spiritual and energetic!  (No, I’m not claiming that it’s going to get coronavirus out of the air, but who knows how much healthier it may keep you?!).

So in my view – unless you have a reason NOT to burn sage (asthma, respiratory issues, pets who may become too sensitive), open some windows and get burning!


I usually just buy my sage at Whole Foods. Most crystal shops will carry it, and if you’re already hunkered down and not leaving the house, you can always order online and have it pretty quick. (Look for sage that says it’s for smudging and you should be good).


Okay, there are a million rituals on the internet that people claim are the only way to do a sage smudge. Personally, as someone insanely sensitive to energy (in other words, I can instantly feel if it worked), I find it to be totally ridiculous to think you have to go over the top to make burning sage worthwhile.

You can literally just light the end of the sage with a lighter and blow it out (you just want the smoke, not flames) and walk around your space to let the smoke spread around and you will get some major benefits.

That said, here’s what I like to do personally:


  1. Say a prayer asking God to use the sage smoke to clear any negative energy in my space that is not for my highest good, and transform it in to positive divine light that is good for me.  You can say this prayer within any spiritual framework (if you’re Christian, you can absolutely make this a prayer that includes Jesus, for example. If you’re not religious or spiritual, just make this an intention).
  2. Light the end of your sage until it begins smoking. If necessary blow out any flame.
  3. Walk around your space holding the sage so that the smoke gets in every room. Pay special attention to the corners, and vary how high and low you hold the sage.

    Pay attention to your body and emotions as you move through your home. If you suddenly get anxious or emotional in a specific spot, you feel your throat constrict, you get a slight headache, or any other un-pleasant sensations, stand there a little longer to make sure it gets enough sage smoke. The same with any areas you KNOW you’ve been emotional (the spot you sat on the couch and cried for example). Those are the spots you need it most.
  4. When complete, put out the sage (I run it under water to put it out personally. Once it dries out it’s easy to re-light).

SAFETY NOTE: For safety, I usually hold a small plate under my sage in case any ash falls down. Be careful.

That’s all. In 5 minutes my place feels worlds of difference better energetically! And maybe it will be clearer microbially too?! (The science on this was done burning sage for a full hour, which I could never stand to do in my own home. So no promises here – but hopefully!).

A final step – you may want a shower and change of clothes after. Sage can leave a pretty strong smell in your hair and on your clothes.

Want more tips to keep your home’s vibe high? Here are a few other things I do to make sure my own space has great vibes, all the time!

1. I use sage essential oil in my diffuser.

2. I keep black tourmaline stones at my entry doors and all of my windowsills. It helps protect the energy of my space.

3. I keep selenite crystals ALL over. Selenite helps clear energy, and transform negative energy into positive.

Do you have any friends or fam who may benefit from burning sage during all this high stress (especially any highly empathetic or intuitively sensitive ones)? Make sure to send them this post!

One last note about everything going on right now:

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Stay healthy y’all! I’m sending you lots of light!

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