Who to follow on Pinterest in 2020 During Quarantine

Who To Follow On Pinterest in 2020 (During Quarantine)

I’ve been hyper focused on creating and pinning quarantine resources to support people who are stuck at home during Coronavirus. As I’ve been pinning with quarantine in mind, I’ve come across some other pinners who are doing a great job of sharing a variety of content that is really helpful during quarantine, too.

Since tons of people are finding me through my Pinterest right now (which means a whole lot of my blog visitors are as obsessed with Pinterest as I am) I decided to come up with a list of who to follow on Pinterest in 2020 during quarantine! The list covers a wide array of quarantine friendly topics.

Accounts to Follow On Pinterest In 2020 and During Quarantine

  1. Nicole Leffer (I’m working on quarantine support related content basically full time right now and over a million people a month are viewing my Pinterest content right now, so of course I have to put myself on this list!).  – Currently pinning all kinds of content related to resilience, mental health, self-care, and things to do during quarantine. https://www.pinterest.com/nicoleleffer/
  2. Soap Deli News Blog –  Pinning lots of DIY soap, skin care, and other self care recipes and tutorials that are ideal to use for self-care during quarantine. https://www.pinterest.com/soapdeligirl
  3. Plant Care Today – Pinning growing and care tips for gardening, landscaping, lawn, home and health care. If you’re gardening or growing during quarantine, the 4 decades of experience they have is golden!  https://www.pinterest.com/plantcaretoday
  4. Amanda at Easy on the Tongue Crochet and Knit – Pinning all kinds of things crocheting and knitting related (great ideas for quarantine meditative activity!) https://www.pinterest.com/amandane
  5. Natalie Bardo – Pinning tons of inspiring content around goal setting, mental health, and staying motivated to build your dream life (because you can start during quarantine). https://www.pinterest.com/nadaliebardo/
  6. Steve at Good Habits – Pinning all kinds of content around creating great habits, mindful living, and self-improvement. This is an awesome account to follow if you want to do self-improvement work and change your habits during quarantine! https://www.pinterest.com/HabitChange
  7. Dane Fidley  – Amazing workouts and health tips geared towards men over 50.  (Since so much of Pinterest is geared towards women, I think his content is well worth pointing out!) https://www.pinterest.com/danenow
  8. Iva A. Ursano – Amazing Me Movement – Inspirational account to help you build self confidence and self esteem and build a healthier life. Lots of good vibes during quarantine! https://www.pinterest.com/IvaUrsano
  9. The Confused Millennial – Pinning really great quarantine related lifestyle resources for millennials and moms with young kids. https://www.pinterest.com/tcmillennial/
  10. Michelle Farris – Counseling Recovery – Pinning mental health related content and content to help work through relationship issues, set boundaries, and take care of yourself during quarantine. https://www.pinterest.com/mshellmft
  11. Gathering Dreams – Do What You Love – Pinning really great healthy recipes to make during quarantine, plus lots of resources to help you live financially free which can be really helpful right now! https://www.pinterest.com/gatheringdreams
  12. Smart School House – All kinds of easy recipes and great DIY projects that are great to do during quarantine. Lots of great stuff for parents on her Pinterest, too!  https://www.pinterest.com/smrtscholhouse
  13. Miss Millenia Magazine – Posting great resources for 20-somethings stuck at home, and anyone trying to make money from quarantine with a blog. She also pins some great personal development and career and relationship resources with those in their 20’s in mind. https://www.pinterest.com/missmillmag/
  14. Elna at Start a Blog For Moms – Pinning all kinds of things for moms who work at home with kids around! (So helpful for mommas during quarantine!)  Also pins lots of resources for starting or growing your own blog. https://www.pinterest.com/elna4
  15. Emma – Budgeting Frugal Living Saving  Money Getting Out Of Debt – Her Pinterest name says it all! If these times have you financially stressed, Emma has you covered! https://www.pinterest.com/mcbmhappiness
  16. Craft Mart – They’re pinning so many awesome things to do from home, from crafts to DIY life hacks. https://www.pinterest.com/craftmartpins
  17. Crazy Laura – If you’re into bullet journals, habit trackers or planners, this is a must follow account! https://www.pinterest.com/crazylaurablog
  18. Everything Abode – Pins related to home life, home hacks, life hacks, work from home, and more that will help support you during stay at home and quarantine! https://www.pinterest.com/everythingabode
  19. Uncluttered Simplicity – If you want to use your quarantine time to get organized and de-clutter this account is pinning everything you could possibly need to support your effort!  https://www.pinterest.com/unclutteredsimplicity
  20. Fierce After 40 – Pinning all kinds of self-care, wellness, fitness, and personal growth tips geared towards women over 40. https://www.pinterest.com/imfierceafter40

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Who to Follow on Pinterest In 2020 During Quarantine