Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Nicole's answers to the most common questions she's asked, in her own words.

I don’t apply any of these labels to myself or my gifts because I think they are heavily loaded and come with a whole lot of pre-conceived notions. These words also mean very different things to different people. While I do not personally identify with any of these terms, some people do refer to the type of intuitive work I do as either a “Psychic Reading” or “Prophetic Ministry.” I personally consider myself to be an intuitive and a conduit of information that is being provided by an individual’s (and my own) higher level guidance, for the highest good. When I am in an intuitive reading I am just serving as a messenger and translator of this information.

I am able to receive information about past, present and future situations, as well as relationship and situational dynamics, and the current likely outcome of situations. This happens primarily via clairvoyant (intuitive seeing), clairaudient (intuitive hearing), clairsentient (intuitive feeling) and claircognizant (intuitive knowing) impressions. I am also often able to pick up on the emotions others are experiencing, and frequently pick up on world events before they happen.

If you would like to understand more about what I do and my spiritual gifts, I recommend reading these pages:

Possibly, however communicating with those who have passed away (often called being a  ‘medium’) is not my primary work, and I do not promise that you will get to talk to someone who has passed if you have a reading with me.  Often, however, loved ones do come through during my readings with healing messages or guidance they need to deliver. I always surrender to my higher power (and yours) to determine what comes through in a reading, and to ensure that it is for your highest good, so if a loved one is coming through I believe it is because that is what you most need to receive during our reading together.

None of the above. While doing readings or coaching I usually hold a piece of selenite, which helps me to get the clearest and most accurate connection I can. If we are in person I may also have you hold a small stone. Other than that, there are no ‘props’ of any sort involved in my readings.

I can sometimes sense (but only occasionally actually visually see) energy fields – what some people refer to as auras. Sometimes I can also sense or physically feel blockages in someone’s body/system, though what I pick up on is not usually necessarily related to the chakra system that is typically taught in the yogic traditions. It is rare that this is part of a normal reading that this comes up, however. For me to tell you where a blockage appears I would usually need to run my hands near your body to know where you are ‘blocked.’ Because this is not related to the work I am doing, it is unlikely this will ever come up in our work together if you do a reading with me.

No, I’m sorry, that’s not the kind of work I do.

That’s highly unlikely for a lot of reasons. I do often receive information related to significant romantic relationships that are currently in your life or are likely to be coming in the future – and sometimes I even know specific attributes of the person and/or whether you already know them. This can include relationships that are what many people would typically call a ‘soul mate’ relationship. But it’s unlikely I’ll be able to tell you the exact name/date/location you’ll meet if they aren’t already someone you know. It’s significantly more likely that I’ll pick up on the work you need to do on yourself to be ready for them to come into (and stay in) your life.

Absolutely, with all of my heart. My personal relationship with God is an integral part of my life.

I am deeply spiritual, but I am not religious. To me the difference between being ‘religious’ and being ‘spiritual’ is that being ‘religious’ is following a specific set of rules and accepting beliefs from a specific scripture, as they are interpreted by a larger human run organization, while being ‘spiritual’ is about developing a personal relationship with God/a higher power. Any individual can be both religious AND spiritual, religious but not spiritual, spiritual but not religious, or neither.

I was raised in a relatively non-secular Jewish family and still occasionally attend Synagogue for the beautiful rituals and traditions, however I do not consider myself religiously Jewish. I am a student of the teachings of many spiritual traditions and religions  including Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism and Yoga philosophy, Buddhism, Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism), and many of the teachings that have sprung out of the ‘new thought’ movement, including teachings from A Course In Miracles, Abraham Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Gabby Bernstein, and many others. I love reading about spiritual beliefs from all different perspectives, and see a collective truth that runs through all of them. These belief systems have collectively (along with my personal intuitive understanding) informed my own unique personal belief system.

When it comes to Christianity, while I am not a ‘Christian,’ I do believe Jesus was a great teacher and a divine master who attained Christ consciousness. I believe that while he walked the earth he taught many profound truths, and that his love and support in life is still accessible to anyone who calls upon him today. I also believe that the New Testament teaches many universal truths and is an incredible source of wisdom and guidance.

I work with clients of all religious, spiritual and faith backgrounds.

I do not do Reiki, and have never had any type of formal energy healing training. I do have natural intuitive energy healing abilities and frequently do energy work on myself to keep my own system clear and functioning at peak capacity, and in a way that allows me to serve others to the highest of my ability.

While I have had a few experiences doing energy work on others with great success, I do NOT currently offer energy healing services in a professional capacity and do not feel that that’s what I am meant to do with these specific abilities (at least at this time). On a rare occasion I have been called to help a specific healer who has already done intensive energetic work on their own systems, to help them clear out the energy that is not their own from their own healing work, or to help attune them to a new healing frequency, however this is not something I offer to the general public and is only available under very specific circumstances.

Yes. I felt called to become ordained while I was on a deeply spiritual trip to Bali in 2018. I am ordained through the Universal Life Church.