Intuitive Coaching

Nicole Leffer in front of a Lilly Pond

Coaching with Nicole is a deep personal growth experience.  During a session, Nicole combines her natural intuition with her BA in Psychology to offer unique stand-alone coaching sessions that help her clients break through barriers, heal relationships, and recognize and capitalize on the opportunities in their own lives, businesses, and careers. Unlike traditional life coaching, a session with Nicole is intended to be a single in-depth discussion that gives you clarity and direction you most need, rather than regular ongoing meetings.

Nicole has well-developed natural intuitive abilities that help her to: Quickly understand what motivates and drives people; See the big picture of how everything in our lives, businesses, communities and world is interconnected, and how seemingly unrelated situations and events in one area can have a ripple effect with a dramatic impact on other areas; Recognize what underlying issues or unmet needs are fueling conflict in relationships; Find common ground and connections between people, organizations, and ideas; And see both what is right in front of her and what is ahead on the horizon, simultaneously.

Utilizing these skills, each coaching session is designed to help you identify the issues, situations, growth and healing you most need to be focusing on in your life. You may walk away with guidance on the next step in your career or personal growth. Relationship situations or patterns may be addressed. Healing the grief from the loss of a loved one may be discussed. Unless you direct Nicole otherwise, a reading may touch upon any part of your life, focusing upon that which you personally most need at this time.

No two intuitive coaching sessions are the same, as the wisdom you personally receive in a session is entirely tailored to you.  Sessions begin with a mutual intention setting, and then Nicole will begin to tap into her intuitive skills. Together you will collaborate to understand how you can immediately utilize this guidance in your life moving forward. You will have plenty of time during a session to ask whatever questions you may want to address. 

It is common to leave a session feeling like a weight has been lifted (even one you didn’t know you were carrying) and with clear direction in an area of your life in which you have been seeking (or needing) guidance or insight.

  • Intuitive Coaching in Atlanta can be done in person or over the phone. (PLEASE NOTE: In person coaching is currently on hold during COVID-19).
  • Intuitive coaching outside of Atlanta can be done over the phone allowing Nicole to serve clients world-wide.
  • Sessions last anywhere from 45 minutes to 75 minutes depending on how many questions you have.
  • Pricing is by the session, regardless of how long it lasts (up to 75 minutes) so that neither party feels rushed.
  • Sessions with Nicole are usually limited to a maximum frequency of once every three months for any one individual.
  • Please note: Coaching sessions are most effective with Nicole has as little information about you and your life as possible prior to the meeting so that her expectations do not sway her interpretation of her intuition. Please do not email her with detailed information about your life/situation/relationships or what you would like to know about, as this will actually make it more challenging for her to provide the best possible information to you when you have your session.
  • Given the sensitive and personal nature of an intuitive coaching session, Nicole is able to provide a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for clients who request one. (She is also happy to sign an NDA that is client provided ahead of time).  

To inquire about booking an intuitive coaching session please email