What Clients Have To Say About Working With Nicole

  • "I had never heard of Nicole till I read about what she had planned for her future after the closing of her family business. I absolutely was guided to reach out to her. I can’t begin to tell you how blessed I was to talk to her. I had a prayer with God before my reading asking that I hear what I needed to hear and not what I wanted to hear. Every question that was deep in my heart was answered. Thank you Nicole for your connections and the gift to share them. ♥️"

    Jan Peterson Santa Clarita, California
  • "Instantly comforting. Her intuition was accurate and insightful. I left our conversation at peace and strength and within a week, things she predicted happened. I had to email her just to let her know and say thank you. "

    Darlene S. Tampa, Florida
  • "Fantastic reading. I went into it with a written list of questions that I never even had the opportunity to ask... because Nicole intuitively answered all of them without even knowing what they were. I was really impressed with her deeply insightful commentary on my career and family matters, and still think about some of the small details she mentioned often!"

    Stephanie P. Georgia
  • "I have had two sessions with Nicole, and both left me feeling really upbeat and positive. I have always been fearful of any type of readings or anything in the "psychic" realm. But, I'm so glad I found her and experienced an intuitive reading for myself. It was not at all the way my small minded mind, imagined it would be, or like what you see in movies. It was really like a conversation and afterwards I got to ask more in depth questions. Lots of things made sense and it kind of gave me validation for certain thoughts I had. I enjoyed my first session so much, I wanted to do another one, but per Nicole's policies she only does one for you every 3 months or so, this was surprising, but actually good for me. It also goes to Nicole's ethics, she's not just in it to have a ton of clients, and does not want anyone to become reliant on readings. These are tools to help you along your journey, not a crutch. She takes it seriously and with great care. Thanks for the great experience Nicole!"

    J. G. Texas
  • "After hearing about Nicole leaving the chocolate business, (loved the chocolate), and hearing what her new venture would be, I immediately requested a phone session. Not sure why, but I felt like I knew her. She was a mix of professional and friendly. It was a fun and interesting experience which I would recommend to anyone."

    Debra A. New York
  • "Speaking with Nicole is always a rewarding experience helping me understand my values and re-evaluate my goals. The experience is not a psychic reader where you get black and white answers to questions, but rather a comprehensive intuitive reading that is a lot like a spiritual reading, in that it depends a lot on your feeling and acceptance to a free flow of ideas. For me personally it has been a positive, rewarding and fun experience that I recommend trying to help you understand more about yourself."

    Jason V. California
  • "I had a great experience with Nicole! We uncovered a lot of great things together some of which I didn't understand until much later. I am excited to meet with her again!"

    Danny R. Atlanta, Georgia

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