Spiritual Coaching in Atlanta & By Phone

Spiritual Coaching in Atlanta

Spiritual coaching clients connect with Nicole on a regular basis for personal growth and development work utilizing guided spiritual principles to achieve spiritual, personal, life and leadership goals.

During a coaching call/meeting you will address what is going on in your life and work at the given time, and Nicole will help you identify what personal spiritual lessons you are meant to be learning right now and/or what spiritual principles you can be implementing to help you in your life.  She will provide personalized coaching to help you find growth through the applicable spiritual lessons, and teach you how to utilize spiritual principles or practices in your daily life in a way that is right for you.

Through your one-on-one coaching relationship, you will learn to identify the personalized spiritual path that resonates with you, strengthen your relationship with your higher power, and learn how to tap into, identify and trust your own intuition in all areas of your life.

Spiritual coaching with Nicole is only right for those who are serious about bringing their personal spiritual growth to the next level with professional guidance and support.  In order to work with Nicole you must be committed to doing the personal development work and implementing this growth into your day-to-day life,  beyond just your sessions together. Growth is not usually an overnight transformation and a spiritual coaching relationship is meant to help you grow deeply over the long run.

Nicole is extremely selective about who she will work with in a coaching capacity.  Her typical spiritual coaching client is highly accomplished in many areas of their lives, including career, and her clients are often involved in their communities and are driven to service in some capacity – either professionally or personally.  Some clients are also involved in some form of religious life and may already have a faith-based practice.  Others begin their coaching relationship with very little formal religious or spiritual background.

Clients usually come to Nicole because, despite their accomplishments and how ‘impressive’ they may appear on paper or professionally, intuitively they know there is still something ‘more’ that they are missing in their lives.  Clients are brought together with Nicole for Nicole’s guidance in exploring how to deeply connect with that ‘something more’ in a real and profoundly meaningful way. Many spiritual coaching clients are also looking for guidance on how to bridge the gap between their spiritual connection and their professional and/or service lives.

  • Coaching sessions are typically scheduled for 60 minutes each and can be done over the phone or in person (if someone is in the Atlanta area).
  • All coaching relationships begin with an initial intuitive reading.
  • Spiritual coaching is NOT intended to be a treatment for any type of mental illness and is NOT a substitute for professional mental health care, and should not ever be treated as such.
  • Given the sensitive and personal nature of a coaching relationship, Nicole is able to provide a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for clients who request one. (She is also happy to sign an NDA that is client provided ahead of time).

To inquire about spiritual coaching with Nicole please email Bookings@NicoleLeffer.com

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