Spiritual Coaching for Established Leaders, Healers, and TeachersCoaching for Spiritual Leaders, Healers and Teachers

Spiritual leaders, healers and teachers have unique needs that require them to personally dive deeply into their own spirituality, divine relationship, and personal healing to truly serve others. Nicole understands that while you may already understand, teach, and utilize spiritual principles, that doesn’t mean you don’t need personalized support and guidance, too.  This specialized spiritual coaching is specifically tailored for those who are spiritual leaders, healers and teachers themselves.

On this coaching track Nicole’s coaching dives deeply into the highest level spiritual principles that leaders who have already done substantial personal spiritual and/or energetic work on themselves are now ready for.  It is deeply intuitively guided coaching to help those working professionally in the spiritual and energetic space bring their own spiritual growth to the next level.  This type of coaching may also cover techniques around spiritual boundary setting and clearing.  Guidance on this coaching track may also come in the form of how to serve your own students and clients in the most authentic, honest, spiritually true way, for the highest good.

Like Nicole’s regular spiritual coaching work, Nicole is extremely selective about who she will work with in this coaching capacity.  Her typical client in this space has done significant work on themselves over many years and is already considered a respected authority within their own spiritual, religious or healing space.  Nicole must feel her own spiritual connection to a leader who wants to work within this coaching track, and have a deep personal knowing that this work together is for the highest good of all before she will accept a client within this space.

  • These coaching sessions are typically scheduled for 60 minutes each and can be done over the phone or in person (if someone is in the Atlanta area). If energetic healing work is ever involved, the session must be done in person.
  • All coaching relationships begin with an initial intuitive reading.
  • Spiritual coaching is NOT intended to be a treatment for any type of mental illness and is NOT a substitute for professional mental health care, and should not ever be treated as such.
  • Given the sensitive and personal nature of a coaching relationship, Nicole is able to provide a signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA) for clients who request one. (She is also happy to sign an NDA that is client provided ahead of time).

To inquire about spiritual coaching with Nicole please email Bookings@NicoleLeffer.com

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