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An intuitive coaching session with Nicole is a one-of-a-kind personal growth experience.

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Meet Nicole Leffer

Nicole Leffer is a business and community leader based in Georgia, with a passion for personal growth and social responsibility. She has well-developed natural intuitive abilities that help her to: Quickly understand what motivates and drives people; See the big picture of how everything in our lives, businesses, communities and world is interconnected, and how seemingly unrelated situations and events in one area can have a ripple effect with a dramatic impact on other areas; Recognize what underlying issues or unmet needs are fueling conflict in relationships; Find common ground and connections between people, organizations, and ideas; And see both what is right in front of her and what is ahead on the horizon, simultaneously.

Nicole combines her natural intuition with her BA in Psychology to offer unique stand-alone coaching sessions that help her clients around the world break through barriers, heal relationships, and recognize and capitalize on the opportunities in their own lives, businesses, and careers.

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