Expert Marketing Leadership for Your Mission-Driven Startup

Nicole is a senior marketing executive with 18 years of experience leading and growing innovative, mission-driven B2B and B2C/DTC companies and teams in CEO, CMO, Head of Marketing, and advisory roles.

The Full-Stack Marketing Leader Your Startup Needs

An entrepreneurial self-starter, Nicole has a passion for growing mission-driven startups and increasing revenue and profit through:

✔️Strategic innovation

✔️Collaborative relationship building

✔️Optimizing cultures

✔️Building high-performing teams

✔️Experimental testing

✔️Leveraging data and measurable key results.

Nicole leads with a people-first philosophy, and embodies a hybrid of mentor-coach, servant, and visionary leadership styles. She believes that great ideas and solutions can come from anyone in an organization, and the more diverse, equitable, and inclusive a team is, the better it will solve problems, innovate, and perform.

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  • Few people have the opportunity to report to a director who is also a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked for Nicole. Because of her coaching and training, I learned the fundamentals of digital ads and created some of my most engaging social media posts. Her leadership for our Marketing department brought our small but mighty team together. In an industry known for being hard-charging, Nicole broke the mold and created an environment where everyone felt supported and heard. If you’re looking for a colleague, collaborator, manager, or leader on your digital marketing team, I can’t think of anyone I’d recommend more highly.

    Bren Spector
  • Nicole is one of the best managers I have ever had the privilege of working for. She is a full-stack marketer and truly cares about the people working for her and their development. From her emphasis on relying on data and apply the learnings to your marketing, to consistently testing and tweaking, to CRO - I am a better marketer because I worked for Nicole. The time I spent working for her I learned more than I had in my previous 10 years in marketing combined. She would be a strong addition to any marketing team because of her own work and because she elevated those working around her!

    Kyle Corcoran
  • Nicole is a true thought leader in the digital marketing space. I was fortunate enough to work as the Marketing Director under Nicole’s leadership as CEO of Chocoley. Nicole is a skilled manager who always motivated me to be my best and shared with me her wealth of knowledge in the e-commerce landscape, all while managing the finances and relationships of a small business. Some of my favorite professional memories are working the busy retail holiday seasons together, long hours as a team, but Nicole was always an enthusiastic and inspiring leader. Nicole has a proven track record of getting the job done and as an innovator and mentor.

    Rupert Schutz
  • I had the incredibly good fortune of working with Nicole at Resilia. She was an outstanding collaborator and sounding board for the Institutional Partnerships team, and a trusted confidante for me personally. Nicole is knowledgeable, creative, thoughtful, and kind. She consistently goes above and beyond to offer her support and expertise. I may have moved on from Resilia, but Nicole and I have formed a bond for life. Not only is she a super-smart and talented marketer, but just an incredible human all around.

    Paul Towne
  • I would trust Nicole with any marketing team in any field during anytime or any place. Her ability to lead marketers (product marketers, social marketers, content marketers) while also working cross departmentally is unmatched. She’s uses her many years leading a company of her own to run her Marketing teams like in-house businesses. I can’t say enough how much I’ve learned from her!

    Alaysia Brown